Petry, Fitzgerald & Less, P.C.

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Practice Areas

             Below is a partial list of the types of cases Petry, Fitzgerald & Less, P.C. provides representation on behalf of either the Plaintiff or the Defendant.

Personal Injury: Plaintiff only, Personal injury, Wrongful death, Major accident.

Municipal Law: Property Owners Associations, City and State Governmental Agencies, Restrictive Covenants, Bi-Laws, Public Utilities and Private Utilities.

Land Use Law: Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Commissions, Drainage Boards, Water Usage, Conservancy Districts, Natural Resources, Condemnation, Eminent Domain, Easements, Oil & Gas, Water and Riparian Rights.

Construction Law: Civil lawsuites regarding all aspects of construction, Zoning and Constructive defects.

Real Estate: Leases, Buy-Sell agreements, Contract ales agreements, Closing Statements, Liens, Collection matters, Landlord-Tenant, Foreclosures.

Family Law: Divorce, Dissolution, Custody, Child Support, Visitation, Maintenance, Post-decree, Arrearages, Modifications, IV-D defense, Multi-state and International issues, Pre-nuptial Agreements, Ante-nuptial Agreements, Paternity, Grandparent Visitation.

Wills & Probate: Simple and complex Will drafting, Trusts, Probate, Estate Administration, Estate planning, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Representative Appointments, Living Wills, Guardianships, Conservatorships.

Fertility Law: Surrogate agreements, Surrogate care, Prenatal agreements, Cryopreservation agreements, Social Security issues, Adoption, Insurance, Government agency lobbying.

Criminal Law: DWI/OWI, Underage drinking, Traffic, Public intoxication, Reckless driving, Misdemeanor, Juvenile.

Child Welfare Law: CHINS, Initial review, Dispositional hearing, Review hearing, Termination of parental rights.

Contract Law: Contract drafting, Contract interpretation and review, Contract litigation, Breach of contract, Non-compete agreements.

Business Law: Incorporation, Partnership agreements, LLC agreements, LLP agreements, Winding up, Partnership and Corporation litigation, Business and commercial litigation, Business organizations, Commercial leasing, Dissolution, Joint Ventures, Franchising, Shareholders' rights, Reorganizations, Business Planning, Closely held businesses.

Appellate Law: All aspects of appellate law, Plaintiff, Defendant, Amicus, Court of Appeals, Indiana Supreme Court, U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S. Supreme Court.